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Aerospike is designed to be the premier high speed, scalable, and reliable NoSQL database. Every line of Aerospike code, every architectural decision focuses on high performance and easy scaling and operations:   flash optimized・indexes in RAM・threaded transaction models・avoiding copies・cache-line optimization transaction and data replication・seamless auto-rebalance scaling・integrated clustering ・use of Linux・multi-threading・data isolation・storage and failover reliability. A thousand things done right.
The Problem
Millions of data points. Billions of combinations – all participating in your application’s experience for hundreds of millions of users – and you need to experiment with new features while keeping your app up and responsive.
The Solution
A Distributed NoSQL Database that elegantly delivers both speed and scale. Key-value focused operations on which to build your core application – with queries for when you need them. Optimized for Flash storage. Proven and reliable code already powers some of the largest platforms on the Internet. Open source you can trust for the long haul.
Aerospike NoSQL Database Technology
Aerospike is a distributed NoSQL database and key-value store architected for the performance needs of today’s web-scale applications; providing robustness and strong consistency with no downtime.
The client libraries provide a native language interface idiomatic to each language for easier programming and higher performance. The client layer tracks cluster status in real-time, allowing minimal downtime (less than a second) when hardware or network changes result in cluster reconfiguration.
Unlike other NoSQL databases, the clustering layer uses paxos’ distributed consensus only to to form the cluster, allowing both immediate and eventual consistency transactions. Data is distributed evenly and randomly across all nodes within the cluster, minimizing “thundering herd” issues.
Aerospike’s fast path for high performance is key-value operations. Additional features include a strongly typed data model, secondary index queries, in-database computation with user defined functions, rich list and map interfaces, geographic replication, and a management console.
Aerospike’s unique storage layer incorporates both DRAM and Flash, giving in-memory characteristics at the price of SSDs. With continual data expiration, Aerospike can operate as a cache with minimal maintenance.
Why Aerospike?
Predictable Performance

Aerospike has consistently demonstrated a per server transaction rate of at least 1M transactions per second (TPS). Beyond being highly performant, Aerospike is predictably performant, delivering high write throughput at low latencies, enabling enterprises to more easily build larger-scale applications at a lower cost.
High Availability

High Availability & Uptime
Aerospike provides high availability and a demonstrated uptime of five 9s, enabled by our unique cluster management and client technology, as well as local and remote replication.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
Fueled by a hybrid memory architecture and dynamic cluster management, Aerospike provides improved performance at 20% the total cost of ownership (TCO) of first-generation NoSQL and relational databases.
Superior Scalability

Aerospike’s dynamic cluster management and unique in-memory technology enable our database to add capacity while in production and reliably handle millions of transactions per second (TPS), efficiently scaling to meet some of the largest data volume needs.
Hybrid Memory Architecture

Aerospike enables use of flash storage in parallel on one machine to perform reads at sub-millisecond latencies at very high throughput (100K to 1M) in the presence of a heavy write load. This use of SSD enables enormous vertical scaleup at a 5x lower TCO than pure RAM.
Real-Time Engine

By fully leveraging the latest capabilities of available technology, Aerospike’s real-time engine delivers the maximum performance possible and can scale to millions of transactions per second at sub-millisecond latency.
Dynamic Cluster Management

Uniform distribution of data, associated metadata like indexes, and transaction workload make capacity planning and scaling up and down decisions precise and simple for Aerospike clusters.
Smart ClientTM

Aerospike’s Smart Client™ automatically distributes both data and traffic to all the nodes in a cluster. Automatic load balancing of the client improves both performance and correctness.
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